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A far-reaching approach to Emerging Markets Debt

In our view, the diversity of opportunity in the sector is best exploited by active managers with deep research and trading capabilities. Venturing outside of the benchmark to exploit a broader opportunity set can help to improve the potential for generating more attractive risk-adjusted returns.

At Eaton Vance, we have a long history of achieving excess returns across different market conditions in this asset class. Our track record reflects our high-quality, in-depth country and security analysis combined with a top-notch operational infrastructure.

In this short video, Matthew Murphy, institutional portfolio manager at Eaton Vance, discusses three key questions: Where do you see the value of active management in emerging markets debt?

  1. Which macro factors are a concern and how does this impact Eaton Vance’s construction of EMD portfolios?
  2. Where are you finding the most attractive country and security opportunities?
  3. Do you want to venture beyond the benchmark with Eaton Vance? Visit a dedicated microsite to discover more about available funds and strategies.

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An imbalance in supply and demand in the income market may result in valuation uncertainties and greater volatility, less liquidity, widening credit spreads and a lack of price transparency in the market. Investments in income securities may be affected by changes in the creditworthiness of the issuer and are subject to the risk of non-payment of principal and interest. The value of income securities also may decline because of real or perceived concerns about the issuer’s ability to make principal and interest payments. As interest rates rise, the value of certain income investments is likely to decline. Investments involving higher risk do not necessarily mean higher return potential. Diversification cannot ensure a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.
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