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Jassmyn Goh

Jassmyn reported from Sydney to New York to Jakarta before joining Expert Investor. She was most recently Features Editor at Money Management and Super Review in Sydney.

Bonds 17 Jan 19

German selector pessimism hits six year low

Political uncertainty rocks sectors like manufacturing and automobiles, leaving fund buyers worried


China 14 Jan 19

Alpha not the point for ESG, ABP Invest founder

Selectors should look towards China, India, and Africa when it comes to sustainable investing, Thanos Papasavvas believes

Bonds 11 Jan 19

GSAM looks to short duration EM bonds

The firm’s latest fund seeks to add fixed income diversification and lower volatility

Brexit, Symbol of the Referendum UK vs EU

Brexit 10 Jan 19

Who’s the biggest Brexit loser?

Most European fund buyers believe the UK will lose out, but UK selectors think it will be everybody else


Equities 9 Jan 19

Schroders launches European sustainable fund

The fund will consider firms that are labelled ‘improving’ and those with sector-leading sustainability profiles

Tech fund

Equities 7 Jan 19

Fidelity launches global comms fund

Fund follows the introduction of MSCI’s new communications services sector for big name tech firms

Child labour

ESG 7 Jan 19

ESG investing not black and white

Fund selectors need to help clients understand the implications of sustainable investing as harm can still be caused

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