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Jassmyn Goh

Jassmyn reported from Sydney to New York to Jakarta before joining Expert Investor. She was most recently Features Editor at Money Management and Super Review in Sydney.

ESG 20 Mar 19

Schroders: ratings agencies reward greenwashing

Sustainable ratings don’t reward genuine sustainability commitments as they’re backwards looking, says ESG expert

ESG 19 Mar 19

Large asset managers evading ESG responsibilities

Sustainable funds from big groups can have proxy votes that conflict with ESG mandates, according to Morningstar

Bonds 14 Mar 19

Developed govvies’ popularity turns around

Last year’s market turmoil has selectors returning in droves to the once-vilified developed govvies

ESG 12 Mar 19

How should investors rev up for the electric car revolution?

As costs come down there could be 40 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2030, according to RobecoSAM

China 12 Mar 19

How to avoid governance risk in Chinese companies?

Nepotism, conflicts of interest and transparency over management pay remain problems but governance is improving

China 11 Mar 19

China still best bet in Asia for ‘quality’ firms

The US-China trade war is a just short-term disruption to China’s long-term growth story, according to a fund manager

Absolute Return 7 Mar 19

Absolute return sell-off shows no signs of letting up

The asset class in Europe saw outflows of €32.5bn during the five months to January after disappointing results

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