market insight 2010 Q4 Finland

This attitude to risk explains why a significant majority of investors we spoke to are seeking active managers, with some using up to 90% active managers. However, as the industry is recovering, other investors are also getting back to their favoured investment style: long-only, traditional and conservative, but opportunistic. Exchange Traded Funds are a recognized […]

market insight 2010 Q3 Denmark

true Danish funds have seen significant inflows into foreign equity funds; most increases are in Latin America and Emerging Markets funds (as well as Far East ex-Japan). Apart from European bonds, a similar development can be seen for fixed income investments. Danish asset managers benefit from investors’ trust in local expertise and one can notice […]

market insight 2012 Q1 Sweden

It will be unsurprising to hear that Swedish investors say the economic outlook for Sweden is bleak due to the economic crisis. But the successful exporting industry in Sweden has done well despite the economic slowdown. When looking to the future, investors said it is promising that Sweden mainly exports to successful markets in Northern […]

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