Market Insight 2011 Q4 Belgium

It will be no surprise to hear that Belgian investors have lost confidence regarding the economic outlook within the eurozone, in line with the rest of European investors. Many investors told us they are looking at other asset classes’ performance, mostly outside the eurozone. Unsurprisingly, emerging markets is an option that we continue to hear […]

Market Insight 2011 Q3 Netherlands

Dutch investors are maintaining a balanced approach to any investment over the recent months. Many are keen to get back into the various opportunities that present themselves, but volatility and risk aversion keeps them from changing their current allocations dramatically. At the end of March 2011, total assets in Dutch insurers and pension funds was […]

Market Insight 2011 Q1 Belgium

Belgian private banks and pensions are naturally risk-averse, a situation which of course became exacerbated in 2008 and 2009. They are now creeping back into risk assets on the back of general confidence in the recovery. Interviewees were generally positive about using global investors with asset allocation abilities rather than narrowly focused investment experts in […]