Market Insight 2011 Q2 Portugal

Portuguese investors are very suspicious of the looming bailout from the European Union. Some of our interviewees were confident about the fact that Portugal can handle the continuous downgrading from ratings agencies. However, others expressed their concern and that further intervention is unavoidable, despite the several measures taken by the government during the last months. […]

Market Insight 2011 Q1 Sweden

Swedish investors are broadly speaking confident about international investment markets. Although doubts remain over the eurozone, in particular the PIIGS countries, expectations for traditional asset classes are strong. During 2010, equity, balanced and bond funds enjoyed inflows of nearly SEK107bn. The ongoing strength of the Swedish kronor has led investors to place assets in domestic […]

Market Insight 2011 Q1 Italy

Italian investors have regained confidence in the global upturn. Although they are not committing fully to the positive trends, they believe that a strong 2010 will also lead to opportunities in 2011. Following the need for reforms across Europe and stability within each member state of the EU, investors have expressed a sense of urgency […]

Market Insight 2011 Q1 Frankfurt

Fund flows have been consistently up for the past two months, with both December and January seeing net inflows of more than €6bn, according to BVI, the German fund industry trade body. However, despite this, it is still a slower recovery than this time last year, which in January saw a €13.5bn inflow. In the […]

Market Insight 2011 Q1 Belgium

Belgian private banks and pensions are naturally risk-averse, a situation which of course became exacerbated in 2008 and 2009. They are now creeping back into risk assets on the back of general confidence in the recovery. Interviewees were generally positive about using global investors with asset allocation abilities rather than narrowly focused investment experts in […]

Market Insight 2010 Q4 Norway

The Norwegian investment fund industry is on track to post more inflows from institutional investors than ever before. After the crisis in 2008 led to outflows of nearly NOK13bn (€1.6bn), investors have now regained confidence and in the first 3 quarters of 2010 invested more than NOK48.5bn (€6.1bn) (see top graph). Another trend is that […]

market insight 2010 Q3 Denmark

true Danish funds have seen significant inflows into foreign equity funds; most increases are in Latin America and Emerging Markets funds (as well as Far East ex-Japan). Apart from European bonds, a similar development can be seen for fixed income investments. Danish asset managers benefit from investors’ trust in local expertise and one can notice […]

market insight 2012 Q1 Sweden

It will be unsurprising to hear that Swedish investors say the economic outlook for Sweden is bleak due to the economic crisis. But the successful exporting industry in Sweden has done well despite the economic slowdown. When looking to the future, investors said it is promising that Sweden mainly exports to successful markets in Northern […]

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