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Europe, China and the US chip away at each other

Some element of ‘chip war’ would appear to be brewing between China and Europe. The Chinese government has announced that companies exporting gallium and germanium – both vital in the production of computer microchips – will now require an export licence. This comes a week after Dutch firm ASML was hit with new export controls […]

What to make of high yield’s time in the sun

Corporate bond yields may look superficially attractive but, writes Cherry Reynard, this is a time to identify the strongest credit manager available The high yield market is in an odd position. On the one hand, there are clear and mounting signs of corporate distress – bankruptcies and defaults are rising and many companies are feeling […]

Which emerging markets are winners and losers from deglobalisation?

Geopolitics and shifting supply chains are changing the landscape for the world’s emerging economies – and those who invest in them Emerging markets were notable beneficiaries of globalisation. Their strength as low-cost manufacturing hubs brought new capital and influence and helped many developing economies kick-start their growth. Against this backdrop, it stands to reason they […]

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