InvestEU gives green light to EBRD projects

A slew of new projects from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) have received the go-ahead from the InvestEU Investment Committee. Under the auspices of the various projects, investments totalling €1.1bn will be used to boost green and sustainable projects in the municipal, transport and energy sectors. According to the EBRD: “The InvestEU […]

Mercedes signals multi-billion investment in new EV plants

Mercedes has signalled its intentions to invest billions in Europe into new plants in Germany and Hungary. According to multiple news sources, the automotive giant has said it will build plants in Rastatt, Germany, and Kecskemet, Hungary. Jörg Burzer, the automaker’s production chief, reportedly told German publisher Automobilwoche the firm would begin building the Rastatt […]

US and EU ‘reach common ground’ on clean tech

The US and the EU have reached common ground on the former’s Inflation Reduction Act and the latter’s European Green Deal, Ursula von der Leyen has revealed. In a speech made available on the EC’s website, the European Commission (EC) president lauds the fact that the “two biggest and most-advanced economies in the world are […]

Does Europe’s green transition need better investment?

Europe has an ‘unprecedented opportunity’ to move away from imported fossil fuels and become a ‘long-term leader in clean energy’, according to a report from law firm Dentons. The 72-page report, Investing in Renewable Energy Projects in Europe, states that global investment in renewable energy has soared in recent years, reaching $495bn (€467) in 2022 […]

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