The competition is now running and we are taking no more entries – but we will be putting out regular updates on the competitors throughout the year! The eight funds participants have selected are equally weighted and turned into their portfolio. Changes are not allowed after entering. Then we’ve asked Morningstar to track everyone’s performance […]

The EIE Quality Funds

Methodology The starting universe is every public fund domiciled in either Luxembourg or Ireland (not including the Irish insurance funds universe). We then filter out those funds with less than a three-year track record. After that, we take only those funds that have a FE Crown Fund rating of four or five. The Crown ratings […]

withdrawal symptoms

The pharmaceutical sector remains a defensive investment rock but with a mass of blockbuster drugs set to lose their revenue-generating patent protection over the next few years, value traps are beginning to open up. By James Hay

gold diggers

Given gold’s value as an investment is driven almost entirely by sentiment, its price will fluctuate with investors’ views on inflation and interest rate numbers, real or perceived. So whether or not it will continue to rise is anyone’s guess. By Michael Quach

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