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Danish fund selectors stick to small caps

While fund selectors in most of central Europe now seem to prefer large cap stocks to smaller companies as small cap valuations have become compelling, this is not the case in Scandinavia. Some 44% of delegates attending our event in Copenhagen said they prefer small caps within European equities, while only 28% favour large caps. A similar pattern was observed in Stockholm two weeks ago.


Small cap crown

The Danes arguably are Europe’s largest small cap enthusiasts at the moment. Even fund selector preference in Sweden, which is traditionally biased towards small cap investing, is not as outspoken. The majority of Swedes even prefers large caps when it comes to the US market. The Danes are the only Europeans who have a preference for small caps in both the US and Europe at the moment.

Only when it comes to emerging markets, Danish fund buyers prefer large caps, which actually is in line with the rest of Europe. Half of the delegates in Copenhagen is agnostic though when it comes to a preference for large or small cap within emerging markets.  

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