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Dimensional ramps up Nordics offering


Dimensional Fund Advisors has increased the accessibility of its strategies in Finland, Norway, and Sweden by expanding its range of equity and fixed income funds in the three countries.

The Texas-based firm said in a statement that a full suite of its fund is now available in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Within equities, the range includes global and regional equity funds; core, value and small cap funds. It also includes a broad range of fixed income funds, and several multi-asset funds.

Across the fund range, investors in these three countries will be able to construct comprehensive portfolios, across equity and fixed income. The firm said that it expects the registrations to enable more investors in the region to invest in its funds.

John Romiza, co-CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, said: “Dimensional has enjoyed working with investors across northern Europe for more than nineteen years. Expanding the range of available funds in the region is a significant step forward for us and enables many more investors to enjoy investing with Dimensional. Dimensional is a pioneer in systematic factor investing.”

He added: “We think of our approach as the best of both passive and active strategies. It takes some of the best elements of index investing, such as broad diversification and low costs, while maintaining flexibility in the pursuit of index-beating returns.”

The firm said that its equity funds are highly diversified and take a multifactor approach to pursuing higher returns. Core funds are designed to provide broad coverage of the market but with a higher-than-market weighting to small cap, low relative price, and higher profitability firms. Component funds use a similar multifactor approach within a particular asset class.

Dimensional has three regional directors based in Amsterdam who cover northern Europe. The team in Amsterdam is supported by members of the Client Relationship Group in London.

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