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Emerging markets: Who’s in your little red book?

Sometimes the details reveal the bigger picture.

On research trips, Wellington’s portfolio managers take a deep-dive approach — including, on one manager’s visit to China, finding out what apps young people have on their phones.

The popularity of digital forums like Little Red Book, where consumers post product reviews, shows how buying habits are changing. With Chinese shoppers doing more research before purchasing, brand loyalty is declining — with implications for a host of businesses.

There are about 70 dedicated emerging markets portfolio managers at Wellington, who between them run approximately 30 equity and fixed income investment strategies*. While each strategy is distinctive, Wellington’s portfolio managers share the conviction that it pays to make informed choices about where to invest.

Expertise and collaboration
With a ‘multi-boutique’ investment platform, Wellington seeks to give each portfolio manager the freedom to express their talent, while supporting them with the global resources of a US$1 trillion asset manager*.

Wellington’s portfolio managers draw on insights from a broad range of professionals, including specialists dedicated to analysing specific global industries — a perspective that can be crucial in understanding opportunities and risks in emerging economies.

The philosophy underpinning this way of working is an unwavering belief in the value of in-depth research and the importance of bringing together diverse perspectives. That’s why Wellington’s emerging markets investors aim to dig deeper on research trips — and why their passports tend to look a little dog-eared.

*Source: Wellington Management Group of Companies as of 31 December 2018.

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