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The future isn’t what it used to be

In the decade that has passed since Last Word Media first opened for business we have said ‘Hello’ to an awful lot of good things and ‘Goodbye’ to an awful lot of rubbish.

I am not sure where regulation sits in this ‘say hello / wave goodbye’ but we have certainly welcomed in a lot more than we have ushered out of the door in that time. Will we be saying the same about the next 10 years?

And what have been the biggest changes of the past 10 years, since October 2005 when Last Word Media – in the form of International Adviser – was launched?

We no longer have:

Common sense around how fund managers can interact with fund buyers without providing an inducement; Blackberries as anything other than ‘a work phone’; decent yields; attractive valuations; physical trading.

We do have:

Bitcoins; millennials; more compliance officers than ever before; a Canadian in charge of the Bank of England – and an Italian in charge of the ECB; smartphones and tablets that allow us to do all things financial from a portable electronic device, including accessing vast amounts of real-time information.

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