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Icelandic investors – more eurosceptic than the British

When asked whether they would want to see Iceland inside the European Union, a clear majority of delegates said they don’t want their country to join the bloc. This is a U-turn compared to just two years ago, when we asked the same question to a fund selector audience in Reykjavik.

In June 2014, when Iceland was still an EU candidate member before withdrawing its membership application in March 2015, some 71% of delegates said they supported Icelandic EU membership. Back then, almost two thirds of the audience believed Iceland would eventually become an EU member.

In two years’ time, as their economy has continued to power ahead after the financial crisis that struck the country in 2008, the Icelanders consider themselves even more eurosceptic than the British. While 67% of Icelandic investors are against EU membership of their country, they overwhelmingly believe the UK people will vote to remain in the EU on the 23rd of June. 

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