italians lack faith in grand coalition

The result is a vote-of-no-confidence in the abilities of the recently-appointed “grand coalition” headed by prime minister Enrico Letta, and marks an about-turn in sentiment since last year.

At the Expert Investor Italy event in March 2012, shortly after the appointment of former premier Mario Monti, some 85% of delegates were upbeat on the economic management skills of the ruling administration. However, just 14% of attendees had a similarly positive view this year.

Italians are not the only delegate group sceptical on the abilities of their government, according to voting at other Expert Investor Europe events this year. Only fund selectors in resilient Sweden were overwhelmingly positive on their administration’s handling of the economy (see table below).

Platinum members can view a full breakdown of the Expert Investor Italy delegate voting here.

Is the current government competent to manage the economy?
  Yes No
Italy (Q2) 14% 86%
Barcelona (Q1) 22% 78%
Belgium (Q1) 24% 76%
Bilbao (Q2) 58% 42%
Sweden (Q1) 93% 7%

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