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Leverage Shares lists 49 ETPs on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra

Leverage Shares has listed 49 of its single-stock exchange traded products (ETPs) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra.

The firm said that the listings included Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Facebook, Apple, Moderna, Twitter, Disney, and Netflix. It claims this is the first time German investors will be able to access single-stock ETPs in stocks otherwise unavailable to most investors.

Oktay Kavrak, product strategist at Leverage Shares said: “The listing of our ETPs in Germany marks an important milestone, not only in the development of our business, but in offering German investors access to big name stocks that are otherwise unaffordable. The self-guided investing boom has seen demand for these leveraged products explode.”

He added: “Against this background, we are confident that we will see significant growth in one the strongest markets in Europe.”

Leverage Shares also said that the management fee for the products is significantly lower than many actively managed strategies at 0.75%. On 30 March 2022, the firm also announced the management fees on the ETPs that provide short exposure to Tesla have been cut to 0%.

According to its website, Leverage Shares says that it is a European leader in leveraged and inverse ETPs, offering experienced traders magnified exposure and efficiency when buying stocks on leverage.

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