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June 2020

Trio of fund managers talk emerging market equities as the world judders back to life

Could coronabonds be the answer to the growing debt crisis?

Oil seekers and gold diggers – fund buyer sentiment towards commodities seems to go in one direction

When it comes to fixed income portfolios – it pays to go bespoke says Pimco managing director Ryan Blute

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May 2020

  • Three fund managers talk renewable energy amid an oil price collapse
  • Is coronavirus an opportunity for some pharma companies to salvage their reputations?
  • Massive shift towards ESG means a more ethical investing mindset could be here to stay
  • The important role of ‘paper’ in a portfolio to balance riskier assets

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March 2020

Three fund managers talk coronavirus tactics, sectors and stock picks

Erik Penser Bank’s Jonas Thulin talks competing on a global scale

Is water the biggest challenge nobody is talking about?

Are so-called ‘vice stocks’ set for a comeback?

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January 2020

Will emerging market equity underperformance continue?

Abante Asesores’ Marta Campello talks uncovering hidden gems in the market

Nicolas Mirabaud on future proofing his family’s legacy for centuries to come

Jittery market conditions do little to abate interest in private assets

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November/ December 2019

  • How fund selectors are recession-proofing portfolios
  • Does smart beta’s performance justify the hype?
  • Industrifinans’ Steinar Eikeland on finding quality companies
  • Eurizon’s Gabriele Miodini on luring clients in a low rate world

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Sept/ October 2019

• Protecting portfolios from risk of illiquid assets
• Will new EU benchmarks eradicate greenwashing?
• Fuchs Finance’s Jan Lecluyse takes the long view
• BLI’s Patricia Kaveh on the lure of private assets

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July/ August 19

• Is AI set to revolutionise fund management?

• Risk and opportunity in China onshore bonds

• Credit Suisse’s Guiseppe Patara on bucking trends

• Innovation and disruption in healthcare

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May/June 2019

  • Gender diversity in the fund industry
  • Catch fund managers off-guard, says Lassi Kallio
  • The lowdown on Germany’s economic slowdown
  • You need a story to sell funds, says HSBC’s Simon Ellis

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March/April 2019

  • Could surge in BBB downgrades rock debt markets?
  • Amundi’s Filippo Valvona on the importance of small non-verbal clues
  • Nordea’s Christophe Girondel rails against short termism
  • Investors return to developed market government bonds

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Winter 2018


  • The return of Japanese equities after ‘the lost decades’
  • Myria’s Pierre Bismuth on finding managers who hold opposing views to your own
  • The best way to navigate disruptive technologies
  • Investment opportunities in the clampdown on plastic pollution

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Autumn 2018


  • Investing in Russia can be a bumpy ride, but handsome rewards can await those willing to hold on
  • The challenge of selecting ESG funds without an agreed benchmark of what the label stands for
  • Raiffeisen’s Eva Polly on how specialists are at the heart of modern portfolio management
  • DWS’s Thorsten Michalik on the revolutionary power of technology

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Summer 2018

• Are rating systems an effective way to gauge performance and which is better – quantitative or qualitative analysis?
• Can emerging market debt retain its appeal as monetary policy tightens and volatility rises?
• The art of fund selection, says Danske Bank’s Kristina Ganea Bertelsen, is asking the right questions
• ESG – do socially-conscious funds have an identity problem?

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March 2018


  • Numbers are not enough, says fund selector (and trained mathematician) Celia Benedé Miranda
  • Mifid has finally landed – has it changed anything? And does it matter that half the EU haven’t implemented it completely yet?
  • EM bond funds – Allfunds pick some of the biggest, newest and best for your consideration
  • Looking for an alternative to regular fixed income? Time again to look at convertibles, say’s Credit Suisse PB’s Jessie Gisiger

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January 2018

  • Alternatives; the next generation of machine-learning investment strategies.
  • The breakthrough in ESG as a significant number of end investors are insisting that ESG should not only be a screen but an alpha-generating part of the investment process.

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October 2017


  • Nine years after Lehman, what lessons have fund selectors learnt and how has the experience of the financial crisis changed their jobs?
  • Does it make sense for asset allocators to use multi-asset funds?
  • Alessandro Viviani, fund analyst at Old Mutual Wealth in Milan, explains why he is suspicious of bottom-up managers and boutiques.

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Guide to ESG

Dylan Emery introduces our guide to ESG, which includes interviews with ESG-savvy fund selectors, research reports and the results of our exclusive ESG pan-European fund selector survey.

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May 2017

  • We evaluate the ongoing battle between active and passive managers.
  • Fund selectors sharply favour Europe and move against US equities.
  • Interview with Achmea IM’s Freddy van Mulligen, who explains why factor investing is the smarter choice.

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Pan-European Congress, Rome 2017

Welcome to Expert Investor’s special edition e-magazine, with highlights from our flagship Pan-European Congress, held in Rome. This exciting new multimedia format is a first for Expert Investor and Last Word. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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March 2017

  • Analysis of the options available to investors in the alternative credit space; from loans to microfinance.
  • Folksam Fondforsäkring’s head of fund selection Susanne Bolin-Gärtner, one of the few prominent women in the profession, talks about her shift of focus from specialised to flexible funds;
  • Gary Collins, head of European fund distribution at Columbia Threadneedle, discusses how he is coping with the pressure to reduce fees.
  • Explaination as to why investors should look at currency risk from more than one angle

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January 2017

  • Analyse how the populist revolt that is sweeping across the developed world could affect your portfolios.
  • Argue that fund monitoring should be integral to your fund selection process, and suggest ways how to continously monitor your funds in a time-efficient manner.
  • Interview Edmond de Rothschild’s Laurent Truchi, who explains why he is looking for one thing in a fund manager: passion.

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October 2016

  • The latest trend in ESG-investing: index trackers. What do they exactly track, and are they really sustainable?
  • Interview with Alvaro Martin Sauto, profiling the head of funds-of-funds at Bankia.
  • Asset allocation trends: Europe is out of fashion, and emerging markets are the place to go.

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May 2016

  • We look at possibly the biggest tail risk facing investors this year: Brexit.
  • The possible consequences of a vote for Brexit from both sides of the Channel.
  • How you should prepare your portfolios to minimise Brexit risk.
  • An interview with Olivier Couvreur, who heads up one of Europe’s biggest fund selection teams at ABN Amro Investment Solutions, about his company’s strategic choice to dedicate more resources to fund selection.
  • There is a feature on the impact of the ECB including corporate bonds in their QE programme.
  • We also interview SLI’s head of global sales Phil Barker, about how his company is generating interest in other funds than just Gars.

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May 2016 Asset Class Report

This is a bi-yearly report looking at the state of the professional investor industry in continental Europe. It looks at the forward-looking investment intentions of hundreds of fund selectors, asset allocators and portfolio construction specialists across 13 asset classes and 14 countries.

It compares those views with the outlooks of 20 of the leading fund managers in the world; and to put it all in context it analyses historical fund flows into those same strategies. An essential guide for anyone buying – or selling – mutual funds.

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March 2016 Congress special edition

In this special follow-up edition from Expert Investor’s Pan European Congress:

  • An exclusive interview with Yanis Varoufakis: the ex-Greek finance minister floats ideas on the revival of the European economy, discussing methods other than through the ECB buying up government bonds
  • Three fund selectors share their views on how to find compelling investments amidst the fears of another market correction
  • Plus, prominent investors from all corners of Europe discuss whether QE in Europe has delivered or not, and what should be done to safeguard the European project.

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March 2016


  • Track the shape of one of the highest-yielding but most demonised asset classes: emerging market debt
  • A group of leading SRI investors in Stockholm debate the big issues in sustainable investing
  • Tim Peeters, head of securities portfolios at Belgian multi-family office Portolani, explains why now is the time to invest in commodities again.
  • Interview with José Luís Borges, head of institutional portfolios at BPI Gestão de Activos


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January 2016


  • Star managers or the team approach to fund management, what would you prefer?
  • Pros and cons of having an all-powerful manager at the helm of a fund
  • Interview with Frank Reisbøl, managing director of Banque Carnegie Luxembourg


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