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Summer 2018 edition

• Are rating systems an effective way to gauge performance and which is better...

Published 2 May 18

Expert Investor Magazine

March 2018

  Numbers are not enough, says fund selector (and trained mathematician) Celia Benedé Miranda...

Published 13 Mar 18

Expert Investor Magazine

January 2018

Alternatives; the next generation of machine-learning investment strategies. The breakthrough in ESG as a...

Published 21 Dec 17

Expert Investor Magazine

October 2017

  Nine years after Lehman, what lessons have fund selectors learnt and how has...

Published 12 Oct 17

EI September 2017

Expert Investor Magazine

Guide to ESG

Dylan Emery introduces our guide to ESG, which includes interviews with ESG-savvy fund selectors,...

Published 6 Sep 17

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