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Equities 2 Oct 18

Taking advantage of fear and uncertainty in equity markets

Growth companies on right side of dramatic change which is often driven by tech innovation

Pessimistic investor macroeconomic outlook

Belgium 8 Aug 18

Which countries have the most pessimistic fund selectors?

We look at outlook of European fund selectors. Which countries have the bleakest outlook and which assets are they shunning?

Lazard: the appeal of convertible bonds

Bonds 29 May 18

Lazard: the appeal of convertible bonds

Convertibles will be one of the best performing asset classes this year, argues Arnaud Brillois, managing director and portfolio manager at Lazard Asset Management.

Goldman Sachs AM’s Orr talks income in an adverse environment

Asset allocation 24 Apr 18

Goldman Sachs AM’s Orr talks income in an adverse environment

Global diversification outside of traditional assets is the key to generating income in an environment of historically low interest rates, increased market volatility and relatively expensive equity markets, according to Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Jonathon Orr.

ESG | 4 Jan 18

Millennial desire for ESG important: PMW AM

While some investors think that millennials are not important as they don’t have money, PMW Asset Management’s fund manager, Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, believes they are very important as they will inherit money.

Asset allocation | 3 Jan 18

Difficulty for fund managers if ESG not considered

It will become difficult for fund managers in the future to sell their products if they do not take into account environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, Aktia Asset Management believes.

ESG | 2 Jan 18

Reputation seen at risk if ESG factors avoided

It is important to be in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) community to avoid reputational risk, according to VZ VermögensZentrum’s senior financial analyst Michael Ausfelder.

ESG | 19 Dec 17

Investments now influenced by ESG

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concepts are influencing the way we invest as there has been an awakening within society and within professionals, according to CBP Quilvest senior private banker, Vincent Coppée.

ESG | 15 Nov 17

Last Word – taking ESG to the next level

Dylan Emery talks about Last Word’s ongoing research supporting both fund buyers and fund managers into a world in which ESG is getting increasingly important.

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