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New quant macro risk data service

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London-based macro analytics firm Quant Insight has signed a partnership with European stock exchange operator Euronext to develop a new data service that seeks to provide asset managers with insight into the risk exposure from global macro factors.

The service Macro Risk Insight uses quantitative techniques to help clients identify and quantify the key macro drivers, such as real rates, exchange rates, inflation and commodity prices, that drive the pricing of their assets and portfolios.

The service, which covers pan-European blue-chip equities, uses Quant Insight’s proprietary adaptive models to calculate each stock’s exposure to macro factors. Additionally, it calculates the sensitivity of each stock for more than 30 individual factors and in a bid to predict corresponding share price movement for a given change in the value of each factor.

Nicolas Rivard, head of advanced data services at Euronext, said: “Our clients are increasingly looking for high quality alternative datasets to help them manage their risk exposure, and we are working closely with a number of exciting new content providers, like Quant Insight, to develop the products that will help them with this challenge.”

Mahmood Noorani, founder & CEO at Quant Insight, said: “The influence of macro factors is growing across asset classes, and understanding the true underlying macro exposure of assets is becoming critical.”

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