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optimism and emerging growth a hit in denmark

The Danes are going to buy more European and US equities, and they are as enthusiastic about emerging markets as they were in 2012.

These are some of the results of the latest EIE survey, which broke a few patterns building up in the rest of Europe over the past few weeks.

For instance, in September, our research showed both Dutch investors and UK wealth managers sending a strong sell signal on US equities. Danish investors are in marked contrast to this, with the number of aggregate buyers skipping from 10% in 2012 to more than 40% today (see chart).

In general, Danish investors showed results more similar to their Swedish counterparts than to the rest of Europe.

Meanwhile, there were some more interesting data coming from the recent additions we’ve made to our research database. We now ask questions not only about overall sentiment in an asset class but also about favoured styles.

‘Quick-fire questions’

We have so far just two data points: Dutch institutions two weeks ago; and Danish institutions now: and the results were quite different.

We call them “quick-fire questions”, where we ask for small cap/large cap; value/growth; active/passive; and long-only/long-short preferences.

While the Dutch showed a strong and consistent preference for large-cap value stocks in both developed and emerging equity markets, the Danish were very evenly split in the developed markets, and had a strong preference towards growth stocks in the emerging markets.

Click here to see a slideshow of photos taken at Expert Investor Denmark.

Platinum members can additionally view a full breakdown of the event voting data here, as well as long-term comparison graphs on the main asset classes here.

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