Pictet Asset Management unveils Human thematic fund

Pictet-Human is the latest addition to the asset manager’s $53bn actively-managed thematic franchise.

The Luxembourg-domiciled, Ucits compliant fund seeks to capture “the growth potential of consumer-focused services that improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities”, the firm said.

“It is a global thematic equities strategy that centres on services that help us adapt to the demographic and technological shifts that have changed our lives so profoundly.”

Examples include more transient work; starting families later and living longer; online entertainment, exercise and dating.

Better, more convenient and innovative

Alice de Lamaze, lead manager for the fund, says: “As Humans in the 21st century, we can live healthier, longer lives; maintaining our mental and physical wellbeing through learning, caring and enjoying ourselves.

“Services that support us in those goals should provide enduring opportunities for investors due to their recurring, predictable revenue models. Ultimately, they can help us to lead more fulfilling lives.”

At the same time, individuals are increasingly turning to private companies to pay for better, more convenient, or more innovative services.

“Ongoing research by our investment professionals is pivotal in assessing the developing megatrends that define the most attractive, long-term investment themes” says Hans Peter Portner, head of thematic equities.

Powerful trends of technological progress and commercialization have contributed towards a repositioning of “discretionary” purchases such as after-school tutoring, content streaming as essential services.

What’s on offer?

The investment universe has three main segments, with companies:

  • Learn: supporting lifelong learning, from early education to career development and Ed-tech;
  • Care: providing support to families, caregivers, pets and communities; and
  • Enjoy: providing entertainment, travel, eating and cultural experiences.

The fund is currently registered for sale in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Kirsten Hastings

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