spanish delegates united on euro survival

When investors were initially surveyed on the fate of the euro – at Expert Investor Switzerland in November 2011 – just 53% expected it to exist beyond the following decade. Indeed, more than a fifth of Swiss delegates said the single currency project was likely to fail within two years.

Swiss sentiment on the euro has improved markedly since 2011, and a majority of delegates at all of our events this year expected the single currency to survive over the long-term. Milanese fund selectors were the most downbeat group, with a confidence rating of just 60% (see table below).

Despite their bullishness on the euro’s outlook, more than a third of Madrid-based investors supported reform. One-quarter said they would favour a return to one-country, one-currency, while a further 12% said the fiscally-strong states should form a separate currency union.

Expert Investor Spain delegates gave their views on a range of macroeconomic and investment topics. Platinum members can view a full breakdown of the event voting data here, as well as charts showing how Spanish investor appetite for various asset classes has changed over time, here.

2013 event polling: What will be the fate of the euro?
  It will not exist in 2 years It will not exist in 10 years It will continue
Expert Investor Spain (Q2 – Madrid) 0% 0% 100%
Expert Investor Spain (Q1) 3% 0% 97%
Expert Investor Switzerland (Q2) 0% 6% 94%
Expert Investor Nordic (Q2) 0% 11% 89%
Expert Investor Belgium (Q1) 0% 15% 85%
Expert Investor Spain (Q2 – Bilbao) 8% 13% 79%
Expert Investor Deutschland (Q2) 0% 25% 75%
Expert Investor Nordic (Q1) 4% 22% 74%
Expert Investor Italy (Q2) 10% 30% 60%

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