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The role of sustainable dividend growth in long-term equity returns

Evenlode Investment Management has recently reached $500m AUM in its Global fund and is ready to expand its offering to Continental European clients. The strategy is a portfolio of highly cash-generative companies with high returns on capital and strong free cashflows which provide sustainable real dividend growth. These companies tend to have low capital intensity and valuable intangible assets.

Having proven the investment process with a highly rated UK equity strategy initiated in 2009, Evenlode launched their Global Income Fund in November 2017. Indeed, our sister edition Portfolio Adviser first interviewed the Lead Manager of the Evenlode Global Income Fund, Ben Peters, early last year, when the Global Fund was still a fraction of its current size. Learn more here

More recently Lead Manager Ben Peters and Stewardship Analyst Sawan Kumar attended the Expert Investor Future of Investments Congress in Amsterdam, where they provided delegates with an overview of the Evenlode investment approach and explained why sustainable dividend growth can be a key driver of long-term returns from equities. Additionally, they discussed how ESG factors aid their research process and help to identify potential long-term risks to sustainable dividend growth.

Ben Peters’ interview provides a brief insight into the Evenlode investment approach, risk management and ESG considerations.

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