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‘The value for bond investors has just not been there’

The traditional reason for buying bonds, to generate income, has been seriously lacking across the asset class, says David Roberts, head of fixed income at Liontrust.

In this video he outlines how investors should view bond markets at the moment and which fixed income asset class poses the biggest risk.

The US Federal reserve called to halt to rate rises this year and the ECB is not going to raise rates till at least next year. How will that affect bond markets?

“We think it’s a very dangerous thing for central banks to be pausing. They are really running the risk of stoking up asset prices to levels that we saw in 2008 when central bank free money was largely responsible for the global financial crisis,” Roberts said.

David Robinson

David Robinson is the editor of Expert Investor. He has 18 years’ experience as a business journalist and editor. In the past he has written for the Guardian newspaper and The Telegraph, and worked as...

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