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Belgian investors want UK to stay in EU

A whopping 86% of investors attending Expert Investor Belgium last week said the UK should be denied access to the European Single Market if it decides to curtail free movement of people. In that respect, they are much more hawkish than most of their counterparts in other European countries.

Divide and rule

The UK government, however, has been adamant it will follow through on the result of the Brexit vote, and will therefore probably not be interested in a ‘Cameron-plus’ deal that would keep it in the EU. Instead, it may seek to exploit the differences between the member states on free movement, which is expected to be the most controversial topic of the Brexit negotiations.



Notes of an aide to a Conservative MP that were photographed yesterday when he left after attending a briefing at the UK’s Brexit ministry on Downing Street suggested the UK government was plotting a strategy of ‘divide and rule’ during the Brexit negotiations. “Problematic for EU if we move decisively with 10 countries,” the notes said.    

Here you can see a full overview of delegate voting results from Expert Investor Belgium.

And here is a slideshow of photos taken at the event.

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