From acronym to alliance: Can BRICS challenge status quo?

Following the expansion of the BRICS group, Sarah Godfrey looks at which constituents offer the best opportunities Last month saw the 15th BRICS summit take place in Johannesburg. At the meeting, the five members of the group – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – announced that they were inviting six more countries – Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, […]

Estonia easiest emerging Europe country to invest in

Estonia has been identified as one of the easiest countries for investors to do business in by the Investment Promotion Report 2023. The report, published by Emerging Europe, picked out several factors for this conclusion, including the nation’s ease with electronic systems and infrastructure. “Estonia stands out as a frontrunner, saving an impressive amount of […]

Largest European IPO takes place in Romania

Europe’s largest IPO of 2023 was confirmed this week when Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica began trading in Bucharest. The firm’s capitalisation has been pegged at more than €10bn, with its stock rising nearly 11% on the first day of trading. According to Balkan Green Energy News: “After several failed attempts over the past decade, Romania’s […]

Which emerging markets are winners and losers from deglobalisation?

Geopolitics and shifting supply chains are changing the landscape for the world’s emerging economies – and those who invest in them Emerging markets were notable beneficiaries of globalisation. Their strength as low-cost manufacturing hubs brought new capital and influence and helped many developing economies kick-start their growth. Against this backdrop, it stands to reason they […]

China funds

Is China’s recovery going to plan?

Chinese companies are optimistic about growth prospects but investors are already curbing their enthusiasm The world had been hoping for a strong revival as China reopened, helping to compensate for anaemic growth in the US and Eurozone. However, recent PMI has not been as good as hoped and there are signs the recovery may not […]

UBS rolls out multi-asset emerging markets fund

UBS Global Wealth Management has launched the UBS Multi Asset Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund. The fund is designed to capture the full potential of emerging market assets at a reduced risk through a dedicated three-pillar approach of diversification, active bottom-up security selection, and equity exposure management. Available in jurisdictions across Europe and Asia, it is […]

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