Financial businesses ‘increasingly open to digital’ – Broadridge

Financial institutions are increasingly embracing a ‘digital revolution’, according to analysis by global fintech group Broadridge. The report, Digital Transformation Enters a New Phase – Here’s What Comes Next, found more than half of participants saying digital transformation was the most-important strategic initiative for their company, with almost three-quarters (71%) suggesting AI had changed how […]

European Council gives final approval on Chips Act

The ‘Chips Act’, aimed at boosting Europe’s semiconductor industry, has received the green light from The European Council. The Act, about which Expert Investor has written extensively over the last year, will seek to help develop a European industrial base in the field of semiconductors, attract investment, promote research and innovation, and prepare the continent […]

Europe, China and the US chip away at each other

Some element of ‘chip war’ would appear to be brewing between China and Europe. The Chinese government has announced that companies exporting gallium and germanium – both vital in the production of computer microchips – will now require an export licence. This comes a week after Dutch firm ASML was hit with new export controls […]

Samuel Croset: Creating blockbuster drugs using AI

How investors in the biotech sector can benefit from artificial intelligence’s increasing importance in drug discovery and development purposes Artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms are disruptive technologies that are having a twofold impact on the drug discovery process. First, the technology can be applied to save time and money during the process of identifying molecular […]

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