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Fund selector: small cap value opportunities in Asia

Emerging market equities are the “opportunity set of 2019”, according to Jan Lecluyse, a fund selector at Fuchs Finance in Luxembourg

“When you look at global GDP growth, two thirds comes from emerging market equities so by definition you should be invested quite heavily in emerging markets,” he said, speaking on the sidelines of Expert Investor’s Pan-European Congress in Barcelona last month.

Volatility and transparency remain an issue so in terms so emerging market equities’ attractiveness, so it does depend on the risk reward appetite of your client base, Lecluyse said, adding the region’s embrace of disruptive new technologies is creating a raft of new opportunities in small cap and value stocks.

Among the emerging market equity funds, Lecluyse likes include Fiera Capital Europe’s Magna New Frontiers; Pinebridge Global Asia ex Japan Small cap equity; and Schroder Asian Total Return.

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